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5 Ways to Cope with Construction Noise

It can be difficult to concentrate with construction noise going on in the background, whether you’re trying to work from home or get some sleep. Construction can be bad when its being done to your own house, but at least then you end up with something to show for it. When its a neighbour’s house being worked on then you get no benefit from all the inconvenience.

Sooner or later though you will want to do some work on your own house, or will inevitable cause a disturnable (knowingly or not) to your neighbour’s. It is therefore best to try and be tolerant where you can be.

1) Buy a Fan or Air Purifier, Yes, you might have thought of this already. The problem with construction noise is that it can be highly sporadic and very loud, which is why a fan or air purifier can do wonders. By running a fan or air purifier you will be able to drown out the construction noise and will also have some white noise to concentrate on when you need it.

2) Wear earplugs, This is another great way to cope with construction noise and will also help if you live in a house that gets a lot of street noise. Earplugs are relatively cheap to buy and can make a world of difference when trying to concentrate on something.

3) Get some work done outside, If the weather is good then try and get some work done outside. This way you won’t have to put up with the construction noise as much and will also get some fresh air at the same time.

4) Go for a walk, If you’re finding it hard to concentrate then go for a walk. This will help to clear your head and will also give you some time away from the construction noise.

5) Talk to the neighbour, If all else fails then talk to the neighbour. They might be willing to stop work for a while so that you can concentrate on something important. Here are five ways to cope with construction noise from a neighbour’s extension.

If the noise is particularly bad though, and at times that are wholly unacceptable, it may be worth contacting the council. This would only be advisable once you have any exhausted the casual chat with your neighbour. Because of the length of time it takes a council to investigate it is likely that the construction work would complete before you receive any satisfactory answer from the council though.

What you shouldn’t do though is call the police as they are unlikely to attend and if they do they will not be able to do anything about it.

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