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Requesting Documents from HM Land Registry

HM Land Registry holds records on registered property or land in England and Wales. You are able to access most of the information online through their website. They do not store information on unregistered land. If you query is about unregistered land you should seek specialist advice.

Users of Land Registry are able to access different types of data depending on the type of search they do. Many of these searches are very specialist and aimed at professions. Some of the searches can be useful for gathering information as part of boundary disputes.

Two of the most common documents requested from Land Registry are title registers and title plans. They are discussed in greater detail below.

Title register

The title register has details about the property or land. It includes information such as:

  • the title number
  • address of the property
  • registered owners of the property and what they paid for it
  • any registered rights of way
  • class of title of the property
  • restrictions and covenants associated with the property
  • leases, charges, and notices affecting the property

Titles can include a lot of information is the property has had a complicated history. For more detailed information see this site. If you are unsure what a title register means you should seek professional advice.

Title plan

The title plan is a map showing:

Some of the maps in the title plans are modern and digitised, however some are older and hand drawn.

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