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How to Document Neighbour Issues

If you have a serious ongoing issue with a neighbour, it is important to have as much documentation to support your viewpoint as possible. This will in turn help you if you end up going to Council/Local Authority or even court.


When an issue occurs, you should try and record the

  • date;
  • time;
  • issues; and
  • details of any witnesses to the event.


Pictures, videos, and screenshots from electronic communication (Facebook Messenger, emails etc. ) are very useful, but can be difficult to get.


Ultimately the neighbour may deny your version of events, and so it is a case of your word against theirs. In such an instance any supporting evidence you may have gathered over the course of several months or longer is what can help convince others that you are in the right.


It is important though to ensure that you do not place yourself, or others, in danger when collecting evidence. Putting a mobile phone in someone’s face to record an argument is only going to further inflame an argument, and possibly cause a physical confrontation. If you are in any doubt about how to handle a situation you should contact your Council for further assistance.

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